A Guide to the Good Good.



Seattle’s dispensaries raise an eyebrow in an ultramodern city that’s increasingly known as Silicon Valley North. The scene is of mostly old-school pot shops that carry practically the same selection. Still, we found our gems. Emeralds, if you will.

With only a single growing season due to the rainy weather, 90 percent of Seattle’s flowers are grown indoor.


Where to go


Owner-founders Sean and Jon are refreshingly skeptical about the flower that comes through their friendly, casual, West Seattle shop, which is why they run the Origins Certified program. The requirements for their flowers’ farm-to-dispensary journey are stringent. They even hand-select and independently test buds from each batch they accept into the store. This crew means business. While we do not have a favorite flower in Seattle yet, we know Origins would be our go-to source.Origins recently opened a second location in Redmond.

West Seattle

(425) 298-0170


Have a Heart


Located on a quiet downtown street, between Pike Place and the upscale hotels, lives  Have a Heart — bustling in all its neon green, red, and  cannabis-culture glory.

Once you pass security, the dispensary boasts a massive selection in its notable 50-foot wall of weed, and an ample amount of budtenders waiting to take your order.

If you’re a pro and know what you want,  you'll be in and out quickly. If you’re a newbie, expect to stay awhile: the crowded presentation behind the glass cases are not easy to navigate.  You will have questions.

Bottom line:  They have a massive selection with practically every Seattle brand covered.

We usually walk away with The Goodship products in bulk that's discounted every Friday.

Have a Heart is sprinkled all over Seattle, with locations in Fremont, Skyway, Ocean Shores, Bothell, and Greenwood. Stay tuned for a new Oakland location coming soon...

Belltown / Downtown Seattle

(206) 588-2436


Other Notables Around Town

Hashtag Cannabis in Fremont —  Friendly little pot shop. If you’re lucky, “Mom” will greet you at the door.
Lux Pot Shop in Ballard — Quaint, clean, and quick.

What to get


The Goodship

Starbucks alumna and founder of Seattle’s beloved Cupcake Royale Jody Hall has entered the cannabis realm with her third success. This brand knows what's up, offering convenience in multiple types of dosing and covering all bases from the CBD brownies to 2.5 mg microdosed pastilles, 5 mg jellies, 10 mg cookies, and more, all helping you dial in just the right amount of high. The Goodship is in fact all about having a good trip. We are currently obsessed with the peppermint patties, and the dark chocolate quinoa.

Why it's good:

  • Derived from sungrown cannabis

  • Easy, uplifting strain

  • Great taste

  • Big variety of edibles

  • Edibles for grownups

  • Pastilles for easy microdosing

  • Spotless facilities

  • Raddest staff

  • Higher Ed is fun and sophisticated

  • Six-pack cookies are the best gift ever!

Check out The Goodship Higher Education lecture series for conversation on mind-bending topics.


Nectar Craft's 1:1 Compounds

This transdermal cream carries a mild scent, disappears quickly, and blends in seamlessly . It’s derived from all-natural ingredients and has no additive chemicals. Most importantly, it works. Folk wisdom on cannabis topicals is that they shouldn’t make you high. However, after a few hours we feel a barely perceptible buzz if we apply Nectar to our wrists and ankles.

Why it's good:

  • Made from cannabis distillate

  • Scent is mild and disappears quickly

  • Good consistency

  • Non-psychoactive(-ish)

  • Great for layering with other applications for a subtle extra ahhh

  • Helps with aches, pains, and tension


Bond's Sensual Oils

Formulated for female pleasure, solo or more, this oil will take you to a better place. Made with organic coconut oil and refined cannabis oil, Bond goes through a sterilization process that is then tested and approved, giving us reassurance that we are all-natural. Bond is formulated as a non-psychoactive topical. However, should it be ingested by mouth, you could get a different effect.

Enjoy your pre-game, as Bond takes awhile to fully kick in.

Why it's good:

  • All-natural

  • Mild scent

  • Good consistency

  • Sterilization process