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Cannabis has been fully legal in Portland since July 2015. The selection is surprisingly small, perhaps limited by Portland’s trademark rainy weather conditions. Still, something tells us that Portland will leapfrog its sister states and turn the cannabis scene into a commercial and creative triumph the way it has with craft beers.


Where to Go



Located in the southeast section of Portland, is home to this sophisticated pharmacy/boutique. The Farma team prides themselves on carrying only the very best, but it’s the fact they can explain and back up why, is what makes them the go-to in Portland. Ask for our favorite, Ben, who understands what top quality truly is.


(503) 206-4357

 Other Notables Around Town


Serra Downtown — If Bergdorf had a weed section it would be Serra. Possibly the most beautiful dispensary in the country and worth a visit.

Serra Belmont — Relaxed, beautiful boutique.

What to Get

Cartridge Vapables

Founder Marley set out to make a cannabis product he would want to consume himself. Lucky for us, he reverse engineered it.

We describe these live resin vapes, as the "Scotch of Cannabis" — staying true to the plant with their Artisn(TM) technique. This heavy, special live resin is as pure as you can get and results in a full experience that the entire plant in all its glory has to offer.

In a beautiful move that echoes the wine industry, EVOLVD lists each product’s origins on the inside of the box: sungrown or indoor, the cultivator, and the harvest year and season.

Why it’s good:

  • Their labels. Hat tip to Marley for full transparency

  • Clean Green Certified

  • Tailored extraction methods to each strain

  • Heavy and special occasion

  • Full experience of the flower

  • The cartridge is glass, stainless steel, with a ceramic coil

Note: We recommend pairing with the EVOLVD medical-grade stainless steel atomizer to avoid unnecessary harshness on the throat.

Stay tuned: EVOLVD releases a much anticipated distillate late-April 2018


Husband and wife team Carrie and Jody give us a foodie’s dream, making cannabis feel gourmet. It’s impossible to ever forget Leif, with their memorable flavors and vibrant packaging — all while giving us the gift of products that are high in CBD and great for treating inflammation. 

Why it's good:

  • Derived from sungrown cannabis from Siskiyou Sungrown

  • Made with RSO (a concentrated form of cannabis oil known to have medical benefits)

  • Memorable, delicious taste
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair trade with no chemicals or additives 

We have a particular obsession with the high CBD 1:1 Mint Hibiscus bar.

Read our interview with founder Carrie.



Founders Sally and Devan’s inspiration was sparked after Devan began fiddling with cannabis recipes to heal his back injury.

 Luminous is mastering things differently with a new approach to ratios of long and medium chain triglycerides. Meaning: the path of absorption goes through the lymphatic system vs. going through the liver. The end result, absorption of a higher rate of cannabinoids and a very smooth, long lasting effect with an equally subtle exit. To top off a superior product, Luminous impresses us with their values of “support the world you want to live in”  by offering this formula as an honest 3-in-1 tincture, topical and sensual. Our wallet thanks you Luminous!

Why it's good:

For more on suggestions to use for pain, pleasure and self care.

For sensual use, THC is the thing that really seems to increase blood flow and enhance feeling. So Sky blend is WONDERFUL for amplifying pleasure for both men and women. CBD is useful for anyone that experiences any sort of discomfort or pain, either during or after intercourse. People that receive anal sex really like Meadow blend, because it reduces pain afterwards. CBD can also help delay ejaculation for men. It’s not numbing, but it does reduce sensitivity. So we hear from guys that use Earth blend for this.

For topical use, THC is effective for localized muscle and joint soreness. We have a few massage therapists here in Portland that use Sky blend in their massage practices, diluting it by 10 for full body work, and using it full strength on problem areas. A massage with Sky blend is REALLY powerful. It doesn’t make you feel high, but it makes you feel incredibly relaxed. CBD can be useful topically for treating inflammatory conditions of the skin, or mild skin injuries like sunburn or scrapes and bruises. Meadow provides some of the pain relieving qualities of THC plus the anti inflammatory effects of CBD. I use Meadow as aftershave on my face - the THC reduces any burning feeling, and the CBD reduces redness.

 — Devan Anthony, Co-Founder of Luminous.



This line is made by the team behind Leif Goods. Yep, they did it again.

These THC and CBD plant-based vegan balms come in two scents, Wood and Field, and boast the highest potency in Portland. If you’re new to using cannabis-infused topicals, rest assured that this high-performing balm won’t make you high.

Why it's good:

  • Derived from sungrown cannabis from Siskyou Sungrown

  • Combined with arnica and essential oils

  • High potency

  • Great for aches, pains, and tension

  • Amazing on dry skin, eczema, and mild irritations

Read our interview with founder Carrie.


Empower BodyCare’s Soaking Salts

Empower creator Trista arrived at her calling after a dustup with the anti-cannabis part of the legal system: She was arrested for possessing three young cannabis plants. Trista was acquitted by a jury, but the experience lit the fuse for her work in anti-prohibition activism and the creation of the Empower line.

Why it's good:

  • Derived from organic sungrown cannabis at Yerba Buena Farms

  • High-quality ingredient list: pharmaceutical-grade epsom, pink Himalayan salt, and ethically sourced Dead Sea salts, essential oils, and organically grown cannabis

  • Non-psychoactive

Our favorite part: This product supports a creator-activist pushing for cannabis law reform.