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The Highly Philosophy


The beauty of the cannabis plant is it was made by Mother Nature and can be tailored to you. You decide the quality. You decide the dosage. You decide the function. How high? Yep, you have all the power.

There’s an experimental period to figuring out how to tailor this type of wellness to your needs. It could take days, weeks, or months. Once you crack YOUR code, you can dial it in with confidence and become the best doctor on your team. It could be habit-forming, but not physically addictive. Some may say that if you use it too often, not using it becomes its own kind of high. Expect your senses to be heightened, to feel a new sense of discovery, and to settle into relaxation, self-awareness, and healing.

Word to the wise: We expect you to know yourself. Please consult a doctor when you need to. Remember, same rules as alcohol consumption. It is a federal offense to cross state lines with cannabis. Please don't call us from jail.


How to Use It


Many different ways. You may prefer one way or a few. It’s common to use different applications at different times of the day or to layer small doses through different applications.

Think shampoo: Your product may have a weakened effect as you become too tolerant of it. Always have a backup to switch to. It’s better to switch than to up your dosage too much. Don’t worry, you can make it back to your favorite in no time.




The main advice and best tip to keep in mind:

Go Low and Go Slooowww . . .

If you try a strain, an application, or a product that doesn’t agree with you and start feeling anxious, don’t worry. It’ll pass. Relax, breathe, sleep, watch Netflix, listen to music, drink lots of water, walk around...

It means the strain was too strong or not the right type.

Note: There has not been a single reported death from a cannabis overdose.


The Basics

Picking your strain


Sativa gets you up. Indica calms you down. Hybrid is a little of both.

Are you high or are you low? It’s not a personality quiz. It’s about your specific chemistry and how it interacts with cannabinoids. For example: One could choose an indica and go straight to sleep. Someone else may find the calming quite invigorating and have more energy.

Not sure where to start? Start with a hybrid. You will unlock all the good feelings in both  sativa and indica if it’s the right one for you.

Your best strain could in fact be both. You may want something energizing in the morning and calming at night. You may be anxious and want more calm. You may feel a bit down and want a lift. It’s a dance.

Most likely, you will have a collection.


"There is no such thing as finding balance. Life is a balancing act."


The healing agent and anti-inflammatory. CBD doesn’t get you high unless you’re so tense and feel high on relaxation alone.

 There are two different types of CBD:  CBD from the cannabis plant (our preference), which cannot cross state lines, and CBD from the hemp plant, which can cross state lines — because it has practically zero THC in it.

A word of caution: Know where your hemp is derived from. It can be coming from random sources and countries — if you get our drift.



The high. Aids in pain management. Neuroprotectant.



Sometimes you need to calm down in order to optimize healing. This is where the mind-body connection comes into play.

 Note: Some say you need a little THC to fully activate the CBD.


The Entourage Effect

The full orchestra is playing and you are being hit from a few different angles in the endocannabinoid system.



The flavor and smell profile.





The Queen — a full head and body high that typically lasts between two and four hours. We prefer sungrown and organic live soil. We are purists, after all. We typically find outdoor cannabis to be a lighter experience.

When choosing indoor — which could be a better option for patients who need exact dosing and consistency each time — or the best option due to the climate conditions in the state — we look for organic and sustainable methods in top-notch facilities. We prefer indoor cannabis when we experience pain or simply want something strong. We always look for indoor  cannabis grown in organic soil.

 Greenhouse grown cannabis - the best of both worlds. Has the real sun we desire and the strength is just right. Organic and sustainable methods are a must.


Cartridge Oils

Modern and easy. Leans towards a head high and typically lasts between 2-4 hours. We typically look for sungrown origins and distillates (which have taken an extra step toward purity). Light in color, and nothing with butane.

Tip: Store oils upright in a dark place.

Please note: Because the effects of vaping has not been properly established yet, we use this method the least.



Leans towards a body high and great for aches and pains. Typically dissipates between two and six hours depending on your metabolism. We aim for the same ingredients as our food. Organic and all natural.



Relieves localized pain, muscle spasms, and tension. Can be used anywhere. Non-psychoactive.

Full disclosure: We found a few brands that, when put on the wrist, give you a very subtle something.

Tip: We love them added to massage oil and our other lotions and potions.



Delivery via the bloodstream and offer system-wide relief. The easiest to apply for patients and a lifesaver for chronic pain sufferers.



Great for rapid onset and offset. We prefer coconut oil-based rather than alcohol-based. This is usually a nasty-tasting category, but we have found a couple that are impressively, ok. We use tinctures as our quick-reset button.


Suppositories and Sensuals

Centuries-old medicine that originated in Europe. They can relieve pain in the pelvic area and lower back and make sex more comfortable and with stronger orgasms.

For us, nothing goes up there that isn’t 100 percent natural and organic.


Our Process

Before approving a product, we research:



We expect transparency and passion from makers in addition to mastery. If we can’t get a straight answer to a question, we run the other way.



That special effect. We want a product that is not so strong that it will make us forgetful (don't worry, it returns when you back off), not too weak (what's the point), and performs consistently.

Like wine, if you love something, stock up. Next year's crop may not be the same.



We prefer sungrown and sun-soaked origins when we can get our hands on it. However, we are not so rigid on this that we would forgo relief if we desperately needed it.



Top-notch, sustainable facilities, with heart, soul, and the best ingredients you can find. The plant is taking the market to unexpected places, so ingenuity is a must.


What we look for in a dispensary

A good dispensary can become a homebase. We look for unrushed, one-on-one experiences with guides who can answer health- and product-related questions while drawing from reserves of knowledge and kindness.

Reality: The bar on this has been set too low in the past, but we have hope this part of the service industry will get better in no time.


The real test

We don’t just take a product for a spin. We live with it. Do we find ourselves reaching for it again and again? If the answer is yes, we buy another batch and start all over. Just to make sure it's consistent.



We know our grow, and it feels right.


We start again

Is next year's as good as last year's? Is there something new and better?


Getting it Home

Ask around. You’ll figure it out. Remember that it’s a federal offense to cross state lines with cannabis products.


Then what?

Go home, settle in, enjoy yourself. Enjoy others.


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