A Guide to the Good Good.

Los Angeles.



Presto Change-o! As the New Years confetti started to fall, LA rid the cannabis stigma with a few quick makeovers to old school pot shops — which are now noticeably loaded with long lines and people of an older demographic.

The local cannabis scene is moving at a rapid pace, reflecting how determined L.A. is to start generating serious cash and make their mark as a destination.

With legalization, comes the rise of the brand, quickly replacing ratchet bong culture with slick designs. Surprisingly, the flower selection is getting heavy on the indoor, which doesn’t seem synonymous with the California Sunshine that makes us crave joints fueled with their notorious weather.

Where to go

MedMen West Hollywood

MedMen is the one changing the game and erasing the stigma by converting outdated pot shops into modern stores bearing their bright-red logos and tech design features. The clientele is getting noticeably older and more interested in the details of cannabis. The product selection is top-notch and the budtenders are motivated and numerous — they’ll help you.

With all the hype and elements of good things in place, we continually walk away perplexed. While the effort in service is excellent, it is obvious that MedMen does not provide an educational training (equivalent to their other efforts) that is truly useful to a savvy consumer or those who are self-medicating.

MenMen has swept L.A. with locations downtown, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Venice, and even LAX. Stay tuned as they put down stakes in Bryant Park, New York City and become as recognizable as Starbucks is to coffee.

Multiple locations
(310) 307 3478


Looking to avoid the newly long lines at L.A. dispensaries? Enter this  little nondescript shop with an exceptional selection and  very friendly staff. LAPCG pride themselves on all their inventory as being “clean” and will patiently walk you through everything little thing you want to know.

LAPCG was the first LA medical dispensary to open and their seniority in knowledge stands out with this top-notch selection.

West Hollywood

(323) 882-6033


What to get

The Flower

Stone Road Farms

Founder Lex is committed to keeping Stone Road Farms joints nothing short of perfection. Small-batch and organic — from beginning to end, no stone (pun, intended) is left unturned in this handcrafted labor of love.

The packaging is covered with beautiful images, which are taken straight from the farm these flowers call home.

Both the Stone Road Reserves (joints mixed with bubble hash for an extra oomph), and Stone Road Singles, are smooth, great tasting, and offer an experience with just the right amount of magic.

Check out their rewards program, for which they’ve partnered with some of the best venues around.

Why it’s good:

  • Sungrown in Grass Valley

  • Organic farming methods

  • Meticulously handcrafted from beginning to end

  • Stone Road Reserves mixed with bubble hash

  • Has the right amount of magic

  • Beautifully packaged and makes a great gift

Lowell Herb Co

Named after William “Bull” Lowell, a farmer-turned-outlaw. Ol’ Bull was thrown in jail for refusing to destroy his pot crop and subsequently started a beloved movement.

Lowells mission is getting consumer's the purest flower and providing a welcome example of full transparency. The ethos highlights the small organic farms up and down the Cali coast that supply these lovely Lowell buds — giving you the opportunity to follow along and get a true understanding of who is behind what you are consuming.

Beholding a package of Lowell’s Smokes, the word “distinguished” comes to mind. All-natural, recyclable, and has all the information you need to know about what's inside —the farm (including their instagram handles), the date it was cultivated, the blends, the amount of THC, a suggestion of the type of high you may experience, and a big call out to paying their farmers. All this with the added bonus of a striker and match.

Lowell is elevating the culture and reorienting the flower industry toward craftsmanship, creating unique blends that are intended for heavy users to avoid strain fatigue of their singular favorites.

Why it's good:

  • Outdoor and greenhouse cannabis made in organic fertilizer

  • Supporting the local organic craft farmers

  • Focused on transparency 

  • Blends a great option for heavy users to avoid strain fatigue on singular favorites

  • Comes in jars and pre-rolled joints

  • Thorough, informative labeling

 Lowell is welcoming pardoned, non-violent offenders with cannabis convictions to apply for jobs, internships and training workshops. 

Pure Beauty

We started out resistant to even the idea of buying any indoor flower from California. But there’s no denying, Pure Beauty is the exception.

Brought into the world by a former Marley Natural creative, Pure Beauty comes with a  logo of  cheeky emoji eyes that gives a wink to modernizing this surging industry and embracing the playfulness of cannabis culture.

The simple presentation is anything but. The juxtaposition of simple, clever packaging — a cigarette design — that's actually a super-potent joint. The act of smoking this  joint-like-cigarette also changes the experience, as it's deeper inhale (think back to your Marlboro Light). The filter creates a slightly different taste, however, the loose flower  showcases the Pure Beauty taste in all it's glory.

Fun, playful, high-end, and so potent that it's a great choice for chronic pain sufferers.

Why it's good:

  • Indoor, super-clean, and high end

  • Cigarette feel is clean and easy to inhale

  • High potency great for chronic pain sufferers

  • Loose flower tastes great

  • Comes in pre-rolls packs and loose flower.

  • Fun gift

We consistently have super-creative moments with Pure Beauty products regardless of strain.

Cartridge Vapables


Named one of Time magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2016, dosist vape pens perform consistently with the backing of science and a transparent operation.

Perfecting your inhale to your exact dosage can be tricky, especially with very light formulas. In this case, the device does the thinking for you. Inhale, and it vibrates and stops the moment you hit the 2.25 mg mark. Why didn't we think of that! Doesn’t feel sexy on the lips, but still worth it. Dosist has a great site for the research-happy, which includes a link to lab results.

Why it's good:

  • Sungrown in Humboldt County

  • Distillate

  • Light and clean

  • Comes in Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse, and Passion

  • Varying amounts of CBD in each pen

  • Great for the ultra cautious

Please note: Dosist was formerly known as hmbldt before December 2017


Dr. Norm's

Sister-brother duo Roberta and Jeff, crafted a line of cookies in honor of their late parents — dad, a.k.a. Dr. Norm, and mom Audrey, a pharmacist known for spreading the love with her famous chocolate chip cookies. Roberta’s first cookie venture, Audrey’s cookies, were formerly at Whole Foods. In keeping with the times, they bring us the “enhanced” version in the cannabis space, introduced as Dr. Norm.

One of the key parts of Dr. Norm’s message is “know your dose!”, (though one could argue a microdose is 2.5 mg.) offering the flexibility to dialing it in with two dosages: .5 and 10mg. The cookie tastes like a yummy treat — infused with THC distillate, which means the team took the extra step to purity and rid any weedy taste.

Why it's good: 

  • Derived from indoor cannabis distillate from Southern California

  • All Natural

  • Different doses to dial it in accordingly

  • Tastes great

  • Great remedy for aches and pains

Stay tuned... Dr. Norm’s is coming out with a vegan peanut butter chocolate next.


Papa & Barkley 

 After caring for his father, whom he called Papa, Adam Grossman named his product line after Papa and Papa’s beloved dog, Barkley. 

Papa and Barkley hands down, gets the top prize for innovative product development.  We haven’t met a product from the line that we didn’t cherish — all of it being a staple in our pain management and wellness routine. 

The Transdermal Patch is not to be underestimated as it packs a big punch. Available in a variety of CBD:THC ratios, the patch goes on easily and kicks in quickly. Because it’s a slow-release patch, it offers up to 12 hours of consistent relief, which makes it a great choice extreme chronic-pain management. 

The Releaf Soak scented with lavender and eucalyptus  leaves skin amazingly silky-smooth without leaving a residue. The sea salts inside are imported from Israel and have a 3:1 THC:CBD ratio. 

The Releaf Balm comes in 1:3 (more for inflammation) and 3:1  (more for pain) THC:CBD ratios. The scent is pleasant but powerful — we tend to go with something milder if we’re going out on the town. 

The Releaf Body Oil  our new favorite — less pungent and easier to work with than the balms, especially when applying  large areas. The oil glides on easily and absorbs entirely into the skin without making you smell like a marijuana bush. Hey P&B, we’d love to see this as an economical roll-on.

Why (the whole line) is good:

  • Derived from organic, sungrown cannabis from Humboldt County

  • Infused with whole-plant cannabis and whole-plant cannabis resin

  • Comes in different ratios to dial-in easily

  • Oil is great for large areas

  • Balms are in coconut oil base

  • Effective and delivers a range of benefits from chronic-pain management to relaxation

Check out PlantMade, an easy to read comprehensive guide published by Papa & Barkley.


Papa & Barkley  

Somehow the Papa and Barkley crew figured out how to make tinctures, a (stereo)typically nasty bunch, taste pretty decent. The dropper comes pre-marked with dosing information, a smart touch, and four formulations of 3:1, 1:3 and 1:30 ratios of THC and CBD.  The newest addition (our favorite), a 1:1 THCa:CBD formulation for people who want the THC for pain without the high. (THCa is the precursor, and only turns into psychoactive THC when heated.)

This entire collection for us, helps dial in exactly what we need in a short amount of time.

Why it's good:

  • Derived from organic, sungrown cannabis in Humboldt County

  • Infused whole-plant cannabis flower resin

  • Coconut oil base

  • Four great ratios to help you dial things in. 3:1 and 1:30 THC:CBD plus a 1:1 THCa:CBD for those who want the THC without the high

  • Mild taste

  • Alcohol-free

  • Very high CBD concentration

  • Great for aches, pains, and quick resets



We are thrilled that this age-old form of administering medicine is making its comeback through cannabis. Mathew Gerson, the entrepreneur behind Sir Richard’s Premium Condoms, took a step into the realm of female pleasure by repurposing the suppository, which now has many uses, including enhancing pleasure and providing pain relief.  With names like Explore for anal play, Relief for vaginal relief, and Pleasure oil, Foria is all the rage in West Hollywood. Our one drawback is that the jury is still out on the cocoa butter scent in the suppositories.

Why it's good:

  • THC derived from sungrown cannabis in Northern California and CBD from organically grown hemp from Colorado Cultivars

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves tension for deeper penetration

  • Enhances pleasure and orgasms

  • Great for pelvic pain, including menstrual cramps and lower back pain

  • Pleasure oil is made with coconut oil

  • Non-psychoactive

Note: Not suggested for use with latex. We found that it calmed our breathing. Suppositories for anxiety? You really never know what you will find.


Treatwell's Pet Tinctures

Pet parents, come clean. We’d do anything for our pets. Here’s an all-natural, inexpensive way to explore helping your furry friends relax and live better. Formulated with wild salmon oil, the tincture can help with pain, discomfort, anxiety, and inflammation, all conditions that flare up throughout an animal’s life. Alison, the founder of Treatwell, suggests starting small with one or two drops twice a day with meals and taking it from there.

Why it's good:

  • Derived from organic,  sungrown cannabis in Humboldt County

  • Blended with MCT oil

  • Added salmon oil to grab animals' attention

  • Formulations for small and large pets

  • Formulations with varying CBD and THC levels

Local regulations prohibit the sale of pet tinctures on shelves in San Francisco. We travel east to Harborside in Oakland for this. You can also use the human version, which does not have the salmon oil, for pets over 20 pounds.