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We started in Denver - no luck. We went to Aspen - a little luck, then back to Denver, because we realized that, for the most part, the two areas carry the same selection.

Colorado was the pioneer state to make recreational cannabis legal in 2012. Sadly, the state that paved the way is the one that now feels left behind. There’s an overabundance of tired pot shops, inventory that lacks any innovation and, the kicker: due to the low-humidity weather conditions, the cannabis is dry and ridiculously strong. Stoner strong. If you are a city connoisseur, you will notice the difference.

Luckily, we found enough shining stars in Colorado to make our stay a happy one!



Where to Go


Silverpeak Dispensary

It’s no secret that Silverpeak is known as the dispensary among Aspenites and the luxury-leaning crowd. They actually do deserve it. Nestled smack dab in the middle of the high-end Aspen shopping scene and a hop, skip, and a jump away from all of the other dispensaries, Silverpeak has a vibe like a jewelry store and we think this feel of keeping cannabis special will make it one of the longest standing shops in CO.

Downtown Aspen

(970) 925 4372

What to Get



Silverpeak Flower

Silverpeak founder, Jordan Lewis, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has chosen a greenhouse for growing his flower, an expensive choice when dealing with Colorado’s weather conditions, which speaks volumes about what Silverpeak is trying to achieve.

We love the idea of greenhouse flower from Colorado, taking advantage of natures elements and always the happy middle to the outdoor climate that is just too dry, and the indoor flower in this city that is overall grown too strong. When shopping for cannabis, pay attention to the percentage of THC in any given strain. Talk to the budtender about how high you want to get and they’ll guide you in the right direction.

Why it’s good:

  • Greenhouse grown in Silverpeaks High Valley Farm

  • Hand-trimmed and hand-cured

  • Silverpeaks own proprietary strains and seasonal strains


Where to Go


Simply Pure

Simply Pure was founded by a true pioneer, Wanda James. Wanda is a veteran, has served on the finance committee under Barack Obama, and was the first African American to acquire a dispensary license in 2009.

Our experience at Simply Pure was top-notch, and we hope you are fortunate enough to deal with their budtender, Dave. Each of Simply Pure’s budtenders undergoes a 150-question test before they can work on the floor, and another 50-question test each month to remain on the floor. Wanda’s not messing around.

Stay tuned: Simply Pure will open a second dispensary in Denver and is going for the sought-after New Jersey license.


(720) 507-7873

What to Get



Verde Natural

Verde Natural’s award-winning strains are a product of all-natural flowers which are hand grown in recycled soil and  treated with organic products. The flower is slow-cured, locking in bold, natural flavors  - a process Verde Natural likens to winemaking. The result is a cleaner and better-tasting smoke.

Why it’s good:

  • Grown Indoor  in recycled “living” soil treated with organic products

  • Award winning strains

  • Slow-cured and hand-trimmed

  • Partnered with the Cannabis Certification Council on the #whatsinmyweed initiative


Ex-finance exec, Peter Barsoom, made the move from NYC to Colorado in 2014. While Peter enjoyed cannabis, it was through his wife’s usage that he saw the medicinal benefits and was inspired to jump into the edible space with 1906.

Each 1906 chocolate is combined with plant medicine for that extra one-two punch and heightened experience. High Love with Muira Puama for sensuality, Go with a bit of caffeine, Galangal and theobromine, Pause with Chinese herb magnolia and Midnight with Cordydalis.

The latest trend in edibles is to use a distillate, which strips away the flavor profile, essentially ridding the weedy taste. In a perfect world, using the whole plant, terpenes and all, is the most beneficial, but in the past left edibles, well not edible.

The 1906 crew figured out how to keep the whole plant intact and rid (most of) the cannabis taste. The subtle hint is more than acceptable and the enhanced therapeutic benefits are 100 percent worth the trade-off. Well done, 1906!

Check out our favorite Midnight, a sleep aid for a solid slumber while traveling.

Why It's Good:

  • Derived from whole plant cannabis

  • Combined with plant medicines

  • All natural

  • Midnight is a powerful sleep

Stay tuned: Next, 1906 will jump into cultivation, expansion, and beverages.



Mary’s Medicinals

Some brands evolve and some just know what's up right from the beginning. Mary’s Medicinals gets it and always has.

Founded by former finance exec, Lynn Hinderd, Mary’s Medicinals is for the Mary in all of us. Mary's values hinge on accurate dosing, convenient use, clean delivery, and a patient-first mentality. They test all raw materials in their facility to ensure it is free of chemicals, pesticides, and microbes. They choose ingredients that are organic, vegan, and all-natural as often as possible.

The Muscle Freeze has replaced our China Gel. We use it as a cooling pain relief and put it on our shoulders before we exercise.

We use the Transdermal Compound on those days when we need an extra layer of relief.  When we apply it to our wrists we do feel a light buzz, although not really a high. The scent is so mild you won't notice it.

Why it's good:

  • Cannabis derived from local Colorado growers

  • College niche

  • Rigorous in-house testing  for chemicals and pesticides

  • Organic, vegan, and all-natural

  • Great for pain