A Guide to the Good Good.

All cannabis is not created equal. 


The Highly is a city guide for  quality-minded people  looking for the very best  cannabis when they travel.

We believe the choices we make around the cannabis products we buy and support are deciding the future of the cannabis,  healthcare and wellness industries as we speak.

Let's raise the bar together.


Before the "About"


My relationship with cannabis began in my late teens. I instinctively knew it helped me sleep, unlocked creativity, and helped me decipher my life. This was my secret. Except for the one friend who always got it for me. 

One day in my late thirties, I took a terrible spill on the concrete and for the first time it opened my eyes to pain, fear, and most of all, frustration. As an East Coaster, it was also the first time I couldn’t get my hands on the good stuff. Taking crappy stuff wasn’t an option. Getting a random delivery was also something I didn’t do.

Six long years later, I finally did get my hands on the good stuff. What I call new-ish: organic, high-quality, transparent, and in different applications. 

For almost a year I integrated it into my routine, dialing it in responsibly alongside a healthy lifestyle. I traveled the country to seek only the best and trusted for myself and eventually found my way back to a much better, very different, me. 

This was the beginning.  

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