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The Highly is a travelogue for quality-minded cannabis seekers.


Letter from the Editor

My relationship with cannabis began in my late teens. I instinctively knew it helped me sleep, unlocked creativity, and helped me decipher my life. This was my secret, except for the one friend who always got it for me. 

In my late thirties, I took a fall and started experiencing neck pain that slowly began brewing  into more pain. By 40, and at the height of my career in finance, I retired to explore my health.   It was my first time experiencing our healthcare system — NYC 'top docs', eastern docs, osteopaths, nutritionists — you name it, I did it and I kept getting worse.  My pain and fear was matched by frustration. As an East Coaster, it was also the first time I couldn’t get my hands on the 'good stuff'. Taking crappy stuff wasn’t an option. Getting a random delivery was also something I didn't do.

Five years later, I finally did get my hands on the good stuff. What I call new-ish: organic, properly labelled, and in different applications.  I learned how to dial it in properly, and things slowly began to unwind. I traveled all over the world seeking the very best and trusted for myself.  It was that experience, of landing with too many choices and fluffed up reviews that inspired me to create The Highly – touch down, here's where you go, what you get, and most importantly — why it's good.

This was the beginning.