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The Highly is an independent travelogue for quality-minded cannabis seekers.

East Fork Cultivars

Brothers Nathan and Aaron Howard started work on East Fork Cultivars in 2016 with the intention of growing superior cannabis to help soothe their older brother’s medical conditions. When they saw how their products were working, they decided to grow for all Oregonians.

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Marvin Washington, Former NFL Player and Cannabis Advocate

“If you get a concussion, you can mitigate the damage by taking CBD within an hour of the incident. It's an antioxidant and neuro-protectant for the brain. This is something that needs to be happening in football and all contact sports.”

Marvin Washington, cannabis advocate, former NFL player and Super Bowl champion, changes the conversation for little league parents, athletes, and the African-American community as a defender of and pioneer in the medicinal cannabis space.


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