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Update to Seattle

Ruckus Recreational

A clean remix on a stoner classic. Located on a side street in the heart of happening Capital Hill lives Ruckus - a ‘clean green’ dispensary which is why their popularity and loyalty is growing despite sitting steps away from dispensary giant Uncle Ike’s.

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Latest Conversation

Marvin Washington, Former NFL Player and Cannabis Advocate

“If you get a concussion, you can mitigate the damage by taking CBD within an hour of the incident. It's an antioxidant and neuro-protectant for the brain. This is something that needs to be happening in football and all contact sports.”

Marvin Washington, cannabis advocate, former NFL player and Super Bowl champion, changes the conversation for little league parents, athletes, and the African-American community as a defender of and pioneer in the medicinal cannabis space.


Update to Los Angeles

The Pottery

There’s a new player in town, catering to the modern consumer and addressing the cannabis retail experience, from flower to accessories.

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April Pride, Founder of Van Der Pop

"With cannabis, the conversations and the way in which you connect with others, is so profound - and in my mid-30s, I was more appreciative of that."

Van der Pop, a female lifestyle brand that officially launched January 2016, was purchased by Tokyo Smoke  in early 2017, which was then purchased by Hiku Brands  in December 2017 and again by Canadian powerhouse Canopy Growth, July 2018. Here, April shares with us the reality of what early startup  days really looked like and the road to an entrepreneurs dream. 


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A flower speaks. A new frontier.
“Come explore” it says, “I have other gifts too. I can introduce you to yourself. All I ask is that you bring  your open mind and wait for magic to happen.”

This is not a drug. It's an awakening.

- NF