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Update to Portland

Luminous Botanicals

Founders Sally and Devan’s inspiration was sparked after Devan began fiddling with cannabis recipes to heal his back injury.

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Troy Dayton

"If you always have similar thoughts, then you wind up building a model of the world that is static and you start believing your own bullshit. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to not believe everything you think."

Named Forbes' seven most powerful people in the cannabis industry — Troy is the co-founder and CEO of Arcview, a high-net worth investor and market research group shaping the space. Here, he talks venture capital, politics, and why the best businesses are built on advocacy.

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New City Guide

The Best of Los Angeles

Presto Change-o! As the New Year's confetti started to fall, LA rid the cannabis stigma.

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WV Senator Richard Ojeda

“It's all about money. They're fighting medical marijuana everywhere because they know that medical marijuana will heal people and get them off  drugs.” 

Here, Richard shares his inspiring story of a scrawny, scrappy kid who grew up to be a fearless soldier, veteran, and politician as he takes on legislature and Big Pharma to bring medical marijuana to the people who need it most.

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Canada primes their engines with full legalization expected this summer.

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A flower speaks. A new frontier.
“Come explore” it says, “I have other gifts too. I can introduce you to yourself. All I ask is that you bring  your open mind and wait for magic to happen.”

This is not a drug. Its an awakening.